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"Be My Valentine" 2013

Como parte del festejo del día del amor y la amistad, el pasado 15 de febrero en el auditorio C.P. Jesús Rodríguez García se llevo a cabo la premiación de poemas en ingles del concurso “Be my valentine”.

Los premios fueron entregados por el coordinador de dicho evento, el Mtro. Daniel Bustos.

Los poemas ganadores fueron:

 1°At your side escrito por Ruth Sarahí Pulido Díaz

 Forever escrito por Gloria Elisa Reséndiz Cisneros

 Love escrito por Selene Vanessa Luna Juárez


¡Felicidades a las ganadoras!

This is the first place on Be my Valentine’s Poem Contest, we hope you enjoy it.


He does not realize that I am fading away.
My blood gets cold
and my heart is beating slowly.
Many days had passed
since you are out of my sight.
My anger is increasing
not because I loathe him,
but because I am yearning for him
and I am waiting hopefully to see him smile.
Once again here, with me.
Tear, you are trickling down my cheeks
triggered by the gravity of my sadness
or by the necessity of a caress
that in my skin could endlessly remain.
Once again here, with me.

A desperate cry
is the proof that I sorely miss him.
Here are my thirsty lips
that only a kiss from you can revive them.
Once again here, with me.

Here comes the desired day,
there is no more lack of caresses and kisses.
While I was smiling at him
He touched my chest with his hand
And he gently said:
I have always been here, with you.



This is the second place on Be my Valentine’s Poem Contest, we hope you enjoy it.


Long time ago since you were gone
Gazing to me for the last time I remember
The red pendulum of your time stopped
When goodbye you said forever.

I ought to burden thy name
Since you entered to my life’s gateway,
Such lovely regards are flying away
Because of sorrow’s and sadness’ blame.

But I nay regret the time we first met,
We were meant to be, you were my boon;
Fear and loneliness I did forget
and as witness is the moon

Will I rest when sands of time lock my eyes
So both you and I remain on the eternal morn
Then I can take your hands, my secret dear vice
And proudly say for thou my love was born.

You are not here, but I can feel it
the seed of love you sowed on me;
it blossoms with your warm spirit
And forever shall it be.



This is the third place on Be my Valentine’s Poem Contest, we hope you enjoy it.


Four letters, one feeling
One word and means a lot.
Some say they have seen it
Sadly, some have not.

Most of the time happiness surrounded it,
Sometimes desolation does.
But no doubt
It exists, it’s true.

Many want to get it,
But only some succeed
Because it’s easy at the spring
But it’s difficult at the end.

Everyone desires that warmth
Because it moves the world,
And it’s the cutest thing
That any person wants to own.

Take so long to keep it
And a little bit to lose it,
But all depends
With whom you are going to share it.



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"Be My Valentine" 2012

El 16 de febrero de 2012, en una breve ceremonia, se entregaron los reconocimientos y premios del concurso de poesía en inglés "Be My Valentine," organizado por la Coordinación de la Licenciatura en Idiomas. En este concurso partciparon alumnos de la Licenciatura en Idiomas, quienes demostraron una magnífica habilidad y una extraordinaria creatividad, ya que los poemas participantes eran de muy alta calidad, y fue muy difícil para el jurado tomar una decisión final.

A continuación, los tres poemas ganadores:

The Poet
(Karla Adriana C.) - Tercer lugar

There lies the poet

with nothing but his mind,

there comes the love,

to take him into the deep seas of his soul

and there comes the women

who will turn his world upside down,

as they sail, through the oceans

of what their love becomes

the bittersweet storm

that we all once swim.

So the poet lies

to himself and to faith

for a taste

of the bittersweet wine of her esence,

and he takes what does not belong to his life

but to the world,

she, the lovely …

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