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"Be My Valentine" 2012

El 16 de febrero de 2012, en una breve ceremonia, se entregaron los reconocimientos y premios del concurso de poesía en inglés "Be My Valentine," organizado por la Coordinación de la Licenciatura en Idiomas. En este concurso partciparon alumnos de la Licenciatura en Idiomas, quienes demostraron una magnífica habilidad y una extraordinaria creatividad, ya que los poemas participantes eran de muy alta calidad, y fue muy difícil para el jurado tomar una decisión final.

A continuación, los tres poemas ganadores:

The Poet

(Karla Adriana C.) - Tercer lugar

There lies the poet

with nothing but his mind,

there comes the love,

to take him into the deep seas of his soul

and there comes the women

who will turn his world upside down,

as they sail, through the oceans

of what their love becomes

the bittersweet storm

that we all once swim.


So the poet lies

to himself and to faith

for a taste

of the bittersweet wine of her esence,

and he takes what does not belong to his life

but to the world,

she, the lovely one.


After all that's done,

after all that's broken,

the poet is left

with nothing but the wish

of what he craves the most,

the lovely one.


The Seraph

(Oscar Manuel G.) - Segundo lugar

It all begins with a tale of wondrous emotions veiled within you and me

which bonded us together as I always thought it would be.


I, who stood lonely in the restless planet we live in,

had never expected an angel such as you to come from heaven just for me.

It was magical, I must say, a true blessing of hope and fate

which filled my heart purely with dreams

and stunning happiness that wrapped inside me.


Even with the fall of dusk, your brightness sheds me light

and will everlasting bestow love and chilling warmth.

It must be you, who came from above the sky

to bestow blitheness with your angelical voice

to every human who dared to cross your blissful path

and every unfortunate soul who felt your lovely wrath.


I freely gave my heart to an angel so pristine and pure

which endearingly bewitched me with love and joy

and left me sick and defenseless with no sign of a cure,

happy, yet anxious to be more than a boy.


So I now say all these things I feel for you

just represent the beginning of an unending chronicle

which will be signal of our true bond

until the universe hears our love song.



(Ana Isabel E.) - Primer lugar

When the last glimpse of daylight dies,

darkness grows reaching every house,

nocturnal sounds filled the air,

as tree frogs and crickets roam the Earth.

The awaited night has arrived at last,

eternal confidant of late meetings,

guardian of secrets and lively dreams,

hearts devoting their love while other one's sleep,

leaving no place untouched by her magic,

while young lovers wait for their encounter,

they craved their names over a maple tree,

and kiss each other gently on the lips.

She was pressed against his chest deep into his arms,

her heart beating so loud,

afraid of being caught.

Finally he whispered those sweet words,

so soft that no one else heard,

a sincere smile was drawn on her face,

as they gently broke their embrace.

Night silently watched

always present in countless times,

witness of joy and life,

as long as two lovers meet,

under her starry black sky.


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